How Sedation Helps With Advanced Dental Work

While oral surgery and other advanced dental procedures are necessary for protecting your smile and preserving your health, some patients can find the mere idea of them intimidating. Whether you have little to no experience with this kind of care or generally struggle with unease about dental work, you can find that you are reluctant to schedule a procedure, even one that you know to be important to your well-being. At our Metairie, LA oral surgery clinic, you can enjoy the support provided through safe dental sedation. There are different sedation options that we provide based on our patients’ needs and concerns, as well as on their health and the type of procedure that they undergo.

We Provide Sedation Options To Help You During Oral Surgery

Oral surgery and other dental services can keep a patient in the dentist’s chair for an extended period of time. These forms of care can also involve work in sensitive areas, which can certainly cause discomfort. Anesthetizing the area (or areas) where you are being treated can help with this. However, you may need more than just direct pain relief to feel truly at ease with your appointment. This is where sedation can help. Different types of sedatives that we offer can help you remain calm and comfortable as work occurs, making it easier for you to receive the help you need without putting you through discomfort.

Our Sedation Options

There are three different options we provide for patients who are interested in sedation during a procedure:

  • IV sedation is a form of anesthesia that can lead to a person staying safely asleep for a procedure. This can be recommended for use when a longer procedure is needed. It is also used when a patient requires the most relief possible during their appointment. This kind of sedation requires certain advance planning—you will need to fast for eight hours before your procedure, and you will need someone to take you to and from your procedure.
  • Nitrous oxide, often called “laughing gas,” is something we can administer continuously during an appointment. The gas is provided with a nasal mask, and its calming effects can start soon after it is administered. It also wears off quickly after it is no longer being provided. As a result, patients are often able to safely drive home.
  • Oral sedation refers to the use of a prescription medication taken before the appointment to relieve anxiety. This will also require you to arrange assistance before and after your appointment.

Talk To Your Metairie, LA Dentist About Sedation During Oral Surgery

Through the use of safe dental sedation, we can make your experience with oral surgery easier! For more information, reach out to our Metairie, LA oral surgery clinic at (504) 455-7161.

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