Congenitally Missing Teeth: Is a dental implant an option?

dental implants Metairie LACongenitally missing teeth are not that uncommon. There are multiple solutions; your dentist will consult with you to determine the best course of action. In many cases, wonderful success has been enjoyed through the use of dental implants.

Of course, there are many considerations that go into the decision … how big is the opening (have teeth grown closer together making the tooth space too small); this may lead to the need for orthodontics to create space or other tooth extractions.

A Permanent Tooth Replacement

For many patients, a dental implant is the ideal solution. The implant itself is designed to last a lifetime; this solution provides both a cosmetic and practical solution to congenitally missing teeth.

The implant is a titanium post that is surgically embedded in gum tissue where the tooth is missing. Titanium is the metal of choice because bone fuses with titanium so completely that within a few months, the implant has been thoroughly incorporated making it a permanent part of the dental anatomy functioning much like the roots of a natural tooth.

First Things First

A consultation will involve a discussion about overall health. A thorough dental examination follows. This will include dental x-rays to determine bone strength where the implant is to be placed. Insufficient bone may require some type of augmentation prior to placement.

After the implant is placed, a healing process ensues. This is the time when osseointegration occurs (bone fusing to metal). Once the implant has integrated and healing has occurred, the patient will visit their dental provider for the final restoration.

The restoration has been artfully fabricated to match surrounding teeth in size, shape, and color. It will be tried in for fit and appearance; a fully functional tooth that allows you to enjoy the foods you love, and that looks and feels great is everyone’s goal.

Caring for your Dental Implant 

There is no special care required – daily brushing and flossing coupled with visits to the dentist every six months are sufficient for your natural and implanted teeth. A healthy diet and regular care should allow you to maintain healthy teeth and gums to last your lifetime.

To learn more about your tooth replacement options, contact our team at Jackson Oral Surgery today.

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