Advanced Technology

Digital Panorex

The digital panoramic x-ray machine (Panorex) offers patients a quick and painless way to receive a dental x-ray that shows all of the patient’s teeth and a complete view of the patient’s upper and lower jaw in a single picture. All that the patient needs to do is stand or sit in a single position for 10 seconds as the cone of the panorex machine circles the patient’s head. Dr. Jackson will then discuss with the patient what he sees on the x-ray so that he can best treat the patient.
teeth x-ray
digital panorex scanner

Digital Cone Beam (3-D Image)

The Digital Cone Beam offers patients a quick and painless way to receive complete, three-dimensional images of the patient’s upper and lower jawbones and their relationship to important anatomic structures, such as the sinuses and nerves. This advanced Cone Beam CT technology enables Dr. Jackson to plan the surgical placement of dental implants with great precision.

digital cone beam report

Electronic Medical Records

Tired of filling out excessive paperwork in the waiting room at doctors’ offices?

Jackson Oral Surgery offers the convenience of secure, online patient registration — giving patients the option of submitting their insurance information and health history online before their first appointment with Dr. Jackson. Receiving this information in advance will help expedite your appointment and shorten your wait.