Enhancing Your Comfort With Sedation Dentistry

Smiling WomanIf you have feelings of anxiousness or unease about an upcoming dental procedure, we could use sedation techniques to enhance your comfort. We understand that more advanced dental treatments can seem intimidating, and will do everything in our power to help you feel at home before your care. By learning more about the types of sedation available to facilitate your comfort, you can plan the service you receive when pursuing dental work. We would hate for you to put off or even forego a critically needed treatment because of your feelings about the procedure itself.

At your Metairie, LA, oral surgery clinic, we are standing by to help you in your time of need. This means providing safe oral sedation techniques to support you during oral surgery. Because anxiousness is subjective, the same procedure may require entirely different levels of sedation depending on the patient. By speaking with our dental team, we can advise you on which level of care best suits you.

Sedation Dentistry Helps You Enjoy An Effective Surgery Experience

When you experience a severe dental problem or multiple afflictions at the same time, you may require an involved stay in our dental chair. Because the inner structure of your mouth can become quite sensitive, discomfort can build as the hours go by. By applying local anesthetics, we can help you feel comfortable during treatment and alleviate any pain associated with operating in specific areas. But when larger feelings of uneasiness strike, a localized anesthetic may not be enough to quell your anxiety. This is when sedation techniques become useful. By choosing from a selection of sedatives, we help you remain calm as we continue performing your oral surgery. This makes it easier for you to receive the treatment you require without interruption or fear.

The Different Levels Of Sedation

We offer multiple forms of sedation to help you feel at ease during your operation. Oral sedation helps you relieve your anxiety by taking a prescription medication before performing your procedure. Because oral sedation can impact your level of alertness, we ask that you arrange a ride to and from our office ahead of time. We also offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help you feel calm. By delivering your nitrous through a mask you wear during your appointment, you receive a steady stream of sedatives. Laughing gas wears off quickly immediately following treatment.

IV sedation is available to help you remain unconscious throughout an oral surgery. We use this technique when you require the highest level of relief for a surgical appointment.

Speak With Your Metairie, LA Dentist About Sedation During Oral Surgery

By preparing for your comfort, dental sedation can help you receive the care you need. For more information, reach out to our Metairie, LA oral surgery clinic at (504) 455-7161.

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