How Oral Surgeons Use Digital Cone Beam for Dental Implants

dental implant modelAt Jackson Oral Surgery, we work to offer quick and pain-free care, which is why the Digital Cone Beam is such an essential part of our dental implants process in Metairie, LA. It’s just one more part of our commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology and your comfort.  

What Is a Cone Beam? 

Our Cone Beam (CBCT) is really just another type of X-ray. Instead of the black-and-white images you might be familiar with, the Cone Beam captures 3D images of your soft tissue, facial bones, teeth, jaw and nerve pathways.  

How Does a Cone Beam Digital X-Ray Work? 

Our Cone Beam Digital X-Ray rotates to capture high-resolution digital images of your head. Then, our computer processes the images and renders a 3D representation. Since it’s a digital 3D image, we can also manipulate and rotate the image to further visualize your current dental situation. It gives us a better opportunity to visualize and really zoom in on where you might be experiencing pain or discomfort.  

How Does Cone Beam Allow for More Precise Planning? 

Since we’re better able to visualize your soft tissue and bone, we’re better able to access your dental care needs and current health situation. With the information we gather, we can offer better diagnostic and treatment options. With that level of precision, we’re able to mitigate the chance of unforeseen complications. 

How Does Cone Beam Ensure Better Outcomes for Patients? 

Our goal is always to catch any dental issues early on. With our advanced Cone Beam Computed Tomography, we’re better able to visualize and diagnose your oral health. So, we’re able to get right to the issue, without the hassle and invasive procedures. It’s not only a better experience, but you’ll experience less radiation (compared with traditional X-ray machines), often shortening your treatment length and even getting a better overall outcome.  

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At Jackson Oral Surgery, we offer dental implants in Metairie, LA, with the quality of care and reliability you need. We’re dedicated to delivering the best possible dental care options, which is why we use Digital Cone Beam for dental implants.  

At Jackson Oral Surgery, deliver the dental implants treatment you need, with the comfort, precision and pricing you rely on. We offer exceptional patient experience, delivered with a friendly smile and the latest in cutting-edge technology. Call us to learn more.  

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