Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon Before Booking a Procedure

Undergoing dental surgery may seem like an intimidating prospect. The good news is a skilled oral surgeon possesses the experience and education required to perform dental surgery safely and effectively.

Here are four questions you should ask your oral surgeon before undergoing a procedure.

What is the procedure for my oral surgery?

After receiving your diagnosis or a referral from your dentist, ask your oral surgeon to explain the process of your dental surgery.

Whether you are dealing with an impacted tooth, wisdom teeth, or considering bone grafting or dental implants, knowing what to expect can be a comfort if you feel nervous about booking an appointment.

Understanding your scheduled surgery will also help you work out the costs with your dental insurance provider in advance.

What type of sedation will I undergo?

Asking what kind of sedative will be part of the procedure is an important question to bring up. Your surgeon will use your medical history to determine which type of sedation is the best option.

Nitrous oxide and oral sedation are light sedatives that help patients relax. Intravenous (IV) sedation is usually in use for dental implants or wisdom tooth removal surgeries.

You can get a prescribed oral sedative at a pharmacy, while IV sedation and nitrous oxide will be available onsite during your appointment.

How do I get ready for oral surgery?

When you are undergoing oral surgery, you may have to do or avoid certain things before your appointment. Ask the surgeon to detail what measures you should take to prepare for your surgery.

For instance, if you will be undergoing IV sedation, you will likely have to avoid drinking or eating for 12 hours prior. You may also have to get someone to drive you home after your surgery while the effects of sedation wear off.

How will my recovery process go?

After your surgery is complete, having a detailed explanation of what you can expect during recovery is helpful.

Depending on what type of surgery you had, you may need to schedule time off work in advance. Your oral surgeon can tell you how long you will need to recover before returning to your daily routine.

It’s also good to ask your oral surgeon whether or not you will need a follow-up appointment to check your progress so that you can book ahead of time.

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