How Grafting Prepares You For Implant Placement

happy man smiling bone grafting prosthodontics oral surgery conceptA good candidate for dental implant placement and restoration can look forward to treatment that improves their appearance and oral health. Prosthetic dentistry can have a significant positive impact on how you look as well as on your well-being. You can be happy to learn that with the support of the implant that holds it, your restoration can actually remain in place for many years even as it is used to provide bite support. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for the placement process. If a delay in treatment has resulted in jawbone resorption, you may need extra care. Fortunately, our Metairie, LA oral surgery clinic can provide bone grafting treatment to strengthen the area in question and ensure your smile can be fully restored!

Bone Density Loss Can Impact Your Ability To Address Tooth Loss

Many problems can occur after tooth loss. Neighboring teeth can shift and become loose. You also lose important bite support when your smile is not complete. Because the bone surrounding your lost tooth root misses out on stimulation, it can deteriorate over time. That deterioration is a concern that will worsen as time passes. If you are missing multiple teeth, it can become a more pronounced issue, one that interferes with your candidacy for prosthodontic treatment. Fortunately, when bone resorption is identified, we can treat it through a bone grafting procedure.

What To Expect From Your Bone Grafting Procedure

Bone grafting treatment responds to problems with deterioration at the site where your implant should be placed. We perform a careful evaluation before care to determine if this work might be needed. If it is, we can plan the appropriate grafting service. This work restores areas in the upper and lower jaw when needed. Our practice can also provide a socket graft, which protects the socket where a tooth was extracted so that an implant can be placed without difficulty.

The Importance Of Regaining Your Complete Smile

Gaining back your complete smile through implant dentistry benefits you in many ways. Stimulation from the implant itself prevents future deterioration of the surrounding jaw. Your treatment will also help you by stabilizing neighboring teeth and giving you back important bite support.

Talk To Your Metairie, LA Oral Surgeon About Bone Grafting Treatment

Not everyone who wants to treat tooth loss will immediately qualify for implant placement. In some cases, it is necessary for treatment to precede plans to restore your incomplete smile. In the event that you need work done to address jawbone resorption, we can help! Bone grafting services addresses depletion and ensure that your care ends in you gaining back your complete smile. For more information on how bone grafting prepares you for the placement of your dental implant, call our Metairie, LA oral surgery practice at (504) 455-7161.

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