What Wisdom Tooth Extraction Prevents

man confident about dental work wisdom teeth extraction conceptOur third molars, commonly known as our wisdom teeth, are the latest to erupt of all other teeth. Unfortunately, when they do begin to move into place, they can create problems for their neighbors that will go on to affect your smile and oral health. Because many people simply lack the space for them, they end up pushing against neighboring molars and creating potential damage. They also cause potential new alignment problems as they cause shifting and crowding to occur.

Our Metairie, LA oral surgery clinic is prepared to extract your third molars before they create these and other difficulties. Once you are alerted to their impending movement, you can arrange a service to have them carefully removed so that no problems occur due to their pressure on your other teeth. Timely care also prevents them from shifting and partially erupting in ways that cause pain and make you vulnerable to worsening health complications.

The Movement Of Your Wisdom Teeth Can Create Serious Issues For You

Wisdom teeth often begin to move into place during your teen or early adult years. During regular dental exams, you can receive timely updates about your development, including the gradual arrival of these teeth. A timely warning can be valuable for your well-being, as it can ensure you have time to book care before there are complications from the arrival of your third molars. Once your appointment is set, you can come in for a safe removal that protects neighboring teeth and prevents the onset of difficulties with partial eruption.

How We Protect Patients Through Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We can perform oral surgery to access and remove the third molars before they are fully erupted. Acting carefully to access them behind the soft tissues, we can take them out even if they are already starting to become impacted. After this, we can take care of the affected area and make sure the socket is able to heal properly. The guidance you receive for post-treatment care can help you avoid complications and see a full, timely recovery.

Uneasy About Extraction Services? Safe Dental Sedation Is Available

Whether you are uneasy about dental care in general or just about the work involved in wisdom teeth extraction, we can help! One way we do so is by making safe dental sedation options available for your procedure. These options include the use of an oral sedative as well as nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is continuously administered during your service, and its effects can fade quickly. An oral sedative is taken before the appointment. Because its effects are stronger, you will require help with transportation to and from your appointment.

Talk To Your Metairie, LA Oral Surgeon About Having Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

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