Oral Pathology And Your Well-Being

senior man at dental officeLearning that you have an abnormal oral growth can be alarming. Fortunately, these growths are often benign, which means they do not require any special treatments. While an oral lesion found by your general dentist may carry no real threat, it is important that you have the appropriate screening. A timely review of that abnormality can reveal oral cancer in an early stage, which means you can start treatment sooner and enjoy a better chance at recovery! Our Metairie, LA oral surgery clinic provides a range of important services, including oral pathology. By offering screenings for oral cancer, we can assess your health and make sure care begins as soon as possible if a lesion is found to be malignant.

The Importance Of Evaluating Oral Lesions

While that abnormal growth in your mouth could be safe, it is important to take your dentist’s advice for a screening seriously. Timing matters when it comes to the detection of oral cancers. If you do have a lesion that is malignant, meaning that the growth is cancerous, the problem can be caught and addressed before the cancer spreads to other parts of the body.

Your Oral Cancer Screening

Our practice is experienced in evaluating and treating patients for advanced issues. When it comes to evaluating for oral cancer, we rely on advanced imaging technology to study a lesion. All or part of that abnormal growth will also be removed so that it can be biopsied. Specimens are closely evaluated at the LSU Oral Pathology Department, which uses a microscopic review to assess the health of the tissue sample. After the initial visit, you will return for a follow-up evaluation and review of tests.

Arranging Treatment After Your Screening

You may learn that there is no need for care after your pathology screening, but if there are signs of oral cancer in your review, we will discuss next steps. For some patients, the option of removing the growth surgically will be available. We can perform this removal and provide any corrective procedures needed to address tissue loss. If there are signs that the cancer has metastasized, further care, including radiation, chemotherapy, and other approaches to managing the disease can be called for.

Jackson Oral Surgery Provides Important Screenings For Oral Cancer

Our oral surgery clinic provides comprehensive reviews for those who have abnormal growths in need of evaluation. Oral pathology is an important part of what we do; after all, early detection makes early treatment possible, which can greatly improve chances at a full recovery! If you would like to learn more about oral pathology and its role in evaluating potential signs of oral cancer, please call our oral surgery clinic in Metairie, LA today at 504-455-7161.

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