Implant Dentistry And Dental Function

senior woman healthy smileThere are more than just cosmetic consequences to the loss of teeth. Even one missing tooth impacts how you bite and chew food, with awkward jaw movements causing disproportionate wear and tear to remaining teeth and putting more strain on your joints. Fortunately, you can take on these functional issues as well as the effect of tooth loss on your smile thanks to implant dentistry. At our Metairie, LA oral surgery clinic, we can discuss the role implants play in your smile restoration. Whether you need to replace one tooth or have an entire row that needs to be restored, the added stability of dental implants can lead to greater comfort throughout the day as well as important stability for improved bite strength.

How Much Can The Right Tooth Loss Treatment Do For You?

Tooth loss is not just a cosmetic problem, which is why the solution should offer more than just a chance to hide a gap in your smile. With the right stability, a custom restoration can contribute to biting and chewing, which means you do not have to change the way you move your jaw. Because you regain a normal function, you protect remaining teeth and lower your risk for problems with poor joint alignment and movement. We place dental implants that provide a degree of stability that helps you bite and chew in a way that feels natural. In addition to keeping restorations secure, implants help stabilize neighboring teeth roots to prevent shifting.

Placing And Restoring Dental Implants

Implant placement is a process that requires careful advance planning. During your initial appointment, we will confirm your candidacy for treatment and evaluate the area where your tooth loss occurred. As we review the jawbone in this area, we make sure that there are no density issues and find the specific location and angle for your implant. Implants are made with a biocompatible titanium material that your surrounding jawbone tissues will bond to as you heal, creating the kind of hold that allows for long-term support for your replacement tooth.

We Can Use Dental Implants To Treat Different Degrees Of Tooth Loss

When tooth loss treatment calls for more than just one replacement tooth, implant dentistry will remain an effective solution. In fact, we can offer full support for a custom denture thanks to all-on-4. Four implants that are selectively distributed will hold a full denture so that you can bite, chew, and speak without worrying over any slippage or stability issues. This allows you to bite and chew foods more easily, and it will help stimulate jawbone tissues and help prevent resorption.

Talk To Jackson Oral Surgery About The Impact Of Implant Dentistry On Your Dental Function And Appearance

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