The 3 Different Types of Dental Implants

Various types of dental implants are one of the best available solutions to tooth loss today. An implant includes a tooth crown and a titanium post resembling a screw connecting to a dental abutment.

When you replace lost teeth with dental implants, you can enjoy life again with a full smile and chew all your favorite foods with ease.

Here are 3 different types of dental implants to consider.

1. Single-Tooth Dental Implants

If you have lost just one tooth, one dental implant is all you need to complete your smile.

While important, aesthetics are not the only reason to get dental implants. When you have one or more missing teeth, your jaw will eventually lose bone density. Since teeth typically work together, the uneven pressure on the remaining teeth makes them more vulnerable to cracking or breaking.

A single-tooth implant takes on the role of the missing tooth and tooth root with a crown, abutment, and metal implant.

2. Dental Implant Bridges

An implant-supported bridge will restore full bite function if you have lost two or more teeth.

Standard dental bridges can last for many years, although they have the disadvantage of requiring the supporting teeth to have some enamel removed to create enough space.

An implant-supported bridge depends instead on a dental implant to hold it in place without any need to alter your natural teeth.

All types of dental implants are easy to maintain, as all you need to do is stick to your regular brushing and flossing routine to keep them clean.

3. Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures can disrupt your daily routine, as they occasionally slip out of place.

Dentures that connect to implants are a more reliable alternative to standard dentures. Like other types of dental implants, implant-supported dentures have titanium posts that hold them securely in place. In addition, implant-supported dentures are sturdy enough for patients to chew food normally without worrying about them sliding out of position.

Final Thoughts

Dental implants provide multiple benefits to anyone who has lost teeth. These innovative prosthetics resemble natural teeth in appearance so that no one can tell you ever lost a tooth in the first place.

Replacing lost teeth with dental implants is an effective way to improve your oral health and prevent bone loss in your jaw.

At Jackson Oral Surgery, we use the latest technology and prioritize your comfort during oral surgery. Schedule an appointment with us now to learn which dental implants are right for you.

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