Why Dental Implants Are The Ideal Tooth Replacement Solution

dental implants Metairie LAWhen you need to replace a missing tooth, there are many considerations when choosing a tooth replacement solution. For example, patients typically want to restore a beautiful smile with a functional tooth replacement. Dental implants can help achieve this goal.

This innovative dental technology has transformed the practice of restoring smiles after tooth loss. An oral surgeon can now place a dental implant in order to replace the missing tooth’s root in addition to supporting the prosthetic crown or other appliance. Therefore, patients gain a number of advantages in choosing dental implants over conventional restorations.

Structural Integrity Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are made of titanium, which is biocompatible. That means that bone tissue, such as that found in the jaw, will fuse with titanium over time, leaving the dental implants as a fixture in the patient’s jaw.

This osseointegration process renders the dental implant as an artificial tooth root. In fact, implant-supported restorations are the only way to replace both the root and crown of a missing tooth or teeth. However, in order for patients to benefit fully from dental implant placement, they must have adequate bone tissue to sustain osseointegration. Your oral surgeon will consider this factor in planning treatment for your case.

The Advantages Of Structurally Complete Tooth Restorations

In replacing the roots of missing teeth, dental implants perform several important functions that give this intervention an edge over other types of restorations.

  • Prevent jawbone resorption: Dental implants help to prevent the jawbone resorption that typically follows tooth loss. Not only does this stabilize the jaw, but it also preserves the fit of the appliance over time. A conventional appliance will become loose as the jaw’s shape changes due to bone erosion.
  • Facilitate chewing functioning: The bond between the bone and dental implants is strong enough that the restoration can withstand forces approximating those that can be tolerated by biological teeth. This allows patients to chew foods effortlessly. Use common sense, though. Just like biological teeth, dental implants are not indestructible. Never use your teeth or your dental implants to chew non-food items or as tools.
  • Anchor crowns independently without support of neighboring teeth: Dental implants stand alone, so surrounding teeth do not need to be altered to support the prosthetic, as is the case with alternatives like dental bridges.

Patients who need to replace missing teeth should consider dental implants for optimal performance. Contact Jackson Oral Surgery to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about this treatment.

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